27th european social services conference

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27th european social services conference

05-06-2019 t/m 07-06-2019

Preliminary Programme:

Next year’s conference in Milan marks 27 years of bringing together all those passionate about empowering people and communities. With your contribution, we hope to make this conference a ground-breaking one.

So you will learn through plenary presentations, workshops, roundtables and discussions led by renowned speakers and moderators/facilitators carefully chosen from the most talented experts in their field based on our experience in the organisation of the event for 27 years and thanks to the support of our Advisory Committee. The exclusive line-up of speakers & moderators will be revealed soon.

The 2019 ESSC programme includes 4 plenary sessions, a choice of four workshop sessions with 7 workshops each, a project forum including the presentation of key innovative projects on the topic and 4 thematic discussions running in parallel. No matter which theme interests you the most, you will always find a session that will suit your needs.

The 27th ESSC is welcoming workshop proposals that address the improvement of quality of life on themes such as:

  • Innovation in social care inspection frameworks across population groups (children, young people, people with disabilities, older people)
  • New forms of service planning, design and implementation involving service users (e.g. co-production, design thinking, human-centred service design)
  • Evidence-based in-service evaluation and assessment; definition of measures and outcomes that matter to people
  • Engaging and empowering people and communities in care development, implementation and evaluation
  • Strategies to enhance the quality and impact of local children’s/disability/older people’s services
  • Quality frameworks in multi-agency work, integrated care and support for a variety of population groups
  • New and promising local arrangements for safeguarding and promoting children’s/disabled people’s/older people’s welfare
  • New technology for social services planning, evaluation and assessment
  • Cities’ strategies for quality services

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